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What started as a hobby rediscovering the nostalgia of vinyl evolved into a business.  As I began to collect records, I recalled how vinyl not only sounds different than digital, but it also has a possessive quality that intangible downloads and streaming lacks.  It was nice to have the audio in my hands instead of digital.  Yes, everything that is old, is now new again;  as contemporary culture searches for a new identity and discovers, the past.  The resurgence of vinyl could be accounted for by a growing sentimentally of days past and a growing indifference (by some) towards all things digital.  I found I missed the simple pleasures of those large and fragile discs in cardboard sleeves that had a distinct non-digital crackle when played on a similarly redundant technology of the record player.  Vinyl does have a distinct lack of audio perfection, it’s what the audio experts describe as ‘warmth’.  The warmth of sound is created due to the unavoidable ‘flaws’ in analogue sound reproduction, due to the  varying levels of distortion.  Some say it makes the performance sound, human.  Please enjoy this nice collection of human tangible sound.

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